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Video Recorder Car DVR Camera

Video Recorder Car DVR Camera

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1080P Dash Cam Car Camera sensor Video Recorder DVR Night Vision USB This device features ADAS and LDWS functions; when the vehicle ahead is detected to be too close, an alarm will alert the driver to the road conditions or an abnormality. Additionally, LDWS triggers an alarm should the driver unintentionally drift out of their lane. Installing is easy; simply use a USB cable to connect the car's Android Multimedia player (Android 4.0 or above, and an APP must be installed). Loop recording allows for continuous recording, with new recordings over-writing the oldest recordings when memory is full, while locked videos will be safeguarded. ADAS Plus ensures safer driving with Advanced Driving Alarm Systems (LDWS/ FCWS).

This dvr does not contain any capacity sd card, just a dvr After the first installation of DVR, If you need an sd card, please purchase it separately

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